Kicksledding in Estonia

Enjoy the snowy landscape or sledding on frozen lake Pühajärv.

Basic kicksledding is easy to learn. Just stand with one foot on the runner, hold on to the handlebar, and kick with your free foot.

Go sled! Kicksledding is a fun winter activity. Kicksledding for everyone.

Finnish sled hikes are the best hikes of the winter!

A Finnish sled hike is perfectly suited for enjoying the outdoors in the winter.

The Finnish sled has gone through a great transformation and looks sleek and modern. We use new Finnish sleds on light aluminum frames.

We will be sledding on snowy nature trails and hiking trails or on frozen lakes.

If Lake Pühajärve has properly frozen over and the weather permits, you will have the exciting opportunity of sledding between the islands of lake Pühajärv; you should already be familiar with the islands from your canoeing trip.

Finnish sled hikes can be enjoyed by anyone at any level of fitness; they do not require any physical preparations or prior experience.

Trips cost €23 per person, which includes all equipment, the services of two guides, a light snack and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydratred.

Group size is 10-60 persons.

Book and call for more information: +372 527 2701, Imre Arro

Is open 01.01 - 31.03 advance bookings only
Adult: from 23€
School student: from 20€

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